tori riot hernandez
20 | SD/ RC, Ca
Christian | ENGAGED: 3.14.13 | singer-screamer-songwritter | musician | student | tattoo artist/designer | model | entrepreneur


Yo. The name's Victoria, people call me Tori, T.Riot, Toro.. what ever floats your boat. I'm lead vocals for the band PASSENGERS. I own a clothing company & a tattoo company. I'm a 4th year at CBU: double major- Music & Kiniseology.
I am in love with my best friend! and I am so lucky I get to do what I love with the love of my life! <3 I LOVE YOU DANIEL BITTNER!!
My life is pretty interesting and the people in it, help keep it that way. I am more than thankful for my life, how it is, and everything that comes with it.
these are my thoughts. Enjoy.
Infinity & Beyond x infinity
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Could really use some @djpassengers14 cuddles right now. #inpain #cursemyinjuredbody
It&#8217;s late. But we&#8217;re writing. #digitalpanic
Nothing better than sharing what I love with the man I love! @djpassengers14 😘😍😍😍❤️
Study time with @midnight_da_blkdog! We miss @djpassengers14!
Dats my man 😘 @djpassengers14
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😞 I miss my brother! I wish he would visit! Or come home! @unleashtheasian
I just realized yesterday was the 2year half way mark for me &amp; @djpassengers14. I stopped keeping track of months after 1 year. Crazy to think is almost 2years. Day 1 feels like it was just yesterday.
My 💩&#8230; I mean ❤️&#8230; 😝 @djpassengers14
Good jam session today