tori riot hernandez
20 | SD/ RC, Ca
Christian | ENGAGED: 3.14.13 | singer-screamer-songwritter | musician | student | tattoo artist/designer | model | entrepreneur


Yo. The name's Victoria, people call me Tori, T.Riot, Toro.. what ever floats your boat. I'm lead vocals for the band PASSENGERS. I own a clothing company & a tattoo company. I'm a third year at CSUSM: double major- Music & Kiniseology.
I am in love with my best friend! and I am so lucky I get to do what I love with the love of my life! <3 I LOVE YOU DANIEL BITTNER!!
My life is pretty interesting and the people in it, help keep it that way. I am more than thankful for my life, how it is, and everything that comes with it.
these are my thoughts. Enjoy.
Infinity & Beyond x infinity
My musical evolution! Screamo/metalcore kid to classical trained! It&#8217;s nice to say I actually do it all now #musiclife
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Did anyone else notice that Kalos region Pokemon League/ Elite 4 hall is going to be as stage in SUPER SMASH BROS. Wii U? It&#8217;s in the game play shots in the Charizard/ Greninja trailer! Look carefully! #pokemonxy #smashbros #supersmashbros
Who is excited for the new SUPER SMASH BROS!? 3ds version is expected to come out in August &amp; wii U version is expected to come out around November!  BE EXPECTED MANY VIDEO GAME PARTYS AT MY HOUSE WHEN THE WII U VERSION COMES OUT!! #smashbros #supersmashbros
They never get my name right! Stupid #Starbucks!!
Pre Ordered this today! Going to be one of my summer readings! So excited! #badchristian #greatsavior
😁 #kirby #oops
I need one 😱😱
Yeah I love when random kids challenge me and their line up is full of legendaries. cool battle bro! #stupidkids #pokemonxy #pokemon
@jwhittdesigns  #freejwhitttattoo 🌹😁
Tattooed this in myself the other day. It&#8217;s almost completely healed and you can&#8217;t really see it. I&#8217;m bummed. #alphaomega #beginninggandtheend
#mcm @djpassengers14  😍😍
Pano (at Dodger Stadium)
Opening Day! Go Dodgers! ⚾️ (at Dodger Stadium)
Woohoo! My cards are here!!! @triottatttoo